Sunday 9 August 2015

Taiji for Everything!

What do you want from your practice?

Whatever it is, make that your focus and that's what you'll get.
But if you make your focus the fact that it's not yet how you'd like it to be, you'll always feel a failure because you're focusing on how it isn't.

So you want your movements to be flowing... then practise flowing movements. Today they will be more flowing than yesterday or last week, but only if you practise. Practise putting on your socks in a flowing manner, going upstairs, sitting down, rising from a chair... everything! Then flow will develop.

Your practise session will generally be only a small portion of your day. Use this time more intensively to really focus on those qualities or abilities that you want to develop. Then feel for opportunities to apply those things to other activities and situations during the rest of the day. Integration into the everyday, the regular patterns of your life, will not only improve your Taiji, but it will touch how you are and who you are.

Use Taiji as your touch stone and your life will become your Taiji.

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